I Need Help Now

Most people are unsure of what to do when a death occurs in their family, so it is important to contact us as soon as possible so that we can advise you of the correct course of action. The majority of deaths are from natural causes and can occur in Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities or in the family home.

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Why Have A Funeral?

A funeral service is the customary way to recognise death and provide an element of closure on the life of a loved one. Simply put, a funeral service is a recognized ritual that allows us to honour and show respect for the dead and to help those left behind begin the process of grief recovery.

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Funeral Arrangements

Prior to the funeral arrangement there are some important points to consider. These points should have been identified during the initial contact with us, although in some cases you may have received a separate phone call from your specific funeral arranger

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Mature couple talking to funeral planner at home about prepaid funerals

Things To Know Before The Funeral Service

Once you have entrusted your loved one to us, we will take care of them with respect and professionalism. They will be taken from their place of death to our specialist mortuary care facility until further instructions are provided by the family during the funeral arrangement meeting.

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Caring mother and dad supporting sad teen son sitting on bench in park, consoling after the funeral

After The Funeral

Grief is a natural response to loss. Grief can be identified as the emotional suffering you experience when someone or something you love is taken away. The more significant the loss the more intense the grief will be. Although the most intense type of grief will normally be related to the death of a spouse, close relative or close friend, any loss can cause grief.

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Paying For A Funeral

Throughout the funeral process, your funeral director, who has been responsible for ensuring the smooth running of your funeral service, will have managed and arranged payments for a number of products, goods and services which have been incurred during the planning and delivery of your funeral.

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