Things To Know Before The Funeral Service

Once you have entrusted your loved one to us, we will take care of them with respect and professionalism. They will be taken from their place of death to our specialist mortuary care facility until further instructions are provided by the family during the funeral arrangement meeting.

Mortuary Care

We bathe and dress everyone in our care and most families like to provide us with items of their loved ones clothing for them to be dressed in. Our funeral directors will carry out your wishes carefully and respectfully but, if you would like to help us look after and dress your loved one, please let us know. We are able to provide an embalming service if necessary. Embalming delays the natural processes that take place after death and may be something to consider with advice from one of our funeral arrangers.

Hands on a wooden coffin

Telling Others About The Death

You may want to put an announcement online or in a local or national newspaper to advise people about the death and provide details of the funeral. We can assist you with drafting a death or funeral notice and will liaise with the newspaper company on your behalf.  This can include a service recording for those who are not able to attend, photo displays and a comprehensive set of funeral service details including location maps and times.

Spending Time With The Deceased

Some people find it helps to spend time with the person who has died and like to bring a small gift or photograph to put in the coffin. Others find it upsetting to see someone they loved who has died. It’s a personal choice and we can talk about this and guide you through the steps.