Cremation Urns

Napier Park Funerals have a large range of cremation urns, if you would like to see our full brochure, please click here

Our Range offers environmentally friendly and innovative choices when it comes to creating a meaningful farewell for your loved one.

Rainbow Large UrnĀ 

Rainbow Keepsake Urn

Rainbow Keepsake Heart

Monterey Blue Large Urn

Monterey Blue Keepsake Urn

Monterey Blue Keepsake Heart

Monterey Blue Ensemble

Magnolia Lovebirds Urn

Reflections of Life Tealight

Classic Violet Large Urn

Classic Violet Small Urn

Classic Violet Keepsake Urn

Classic Bronze Large Urn

Classic Bronze Engraved Urn

Bio Urns

Sunset Scatter Tube

Full Urn Catalogue