Why Pre-Plan a Funeral?

We all like to plan ahead – we plan for holidays, marriage, kids, education and retirement. Unfortunately, there’s one thing that most of us avoid planning for – our funeral. Death is inevitable, and just as important a part of life as being born, and while no one wants to think about their death, pre-planning your funeral gives you the peace of mind to know that when the time comes, your family won’t have the added stress of organising your funeral for you.

The Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Should you decide to pre-plan your funeral, it’s important to plan the details of the type of service that you would like. Having chosen a funeral director, the next step is to record your wishes and other necessary information. Regardless of whether you would prefer a traditional religious service with hymns and prayers, or a more contemporary and personalized service it can be arranged accordingly.

Pre-planning a funeral often relieves the burden from grieving family and friends, enabling them to mourn their loss without the additional stress of arranging the funeral. We often hear how grateful a family is when a funeral has been pre-planned.

What Are The Benefits Of Pre-Paying Your Funeral?

You can also pre-pay your funeral. This can be done by either investing the full amount at the time of the pre-planning, or by having an agreed amount debited directly from your bank account each month.

Once a funeral bond is taken out as part of a pre-paid funeral, it is normally assigned to your chosen funeral director.  This way, when death does occur, the funeral director has all the necessary details on file and can attend to all the necessary arrangements, causing minimal disruption to grieving loved ones.